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Vibrazioni art-design is a philosophy that goes against the grain compared to industrially scaled mass production, favoring a process of craftmanship that brings about a total transformation of matter. VAD produces metal accessories (design furniture, design objects, custom motorbikes, etc...) using recovered metal sheets from petrochemical and food barrels, creating a unique and recognizable material entity. The barrels, originally intended for waste and disposal, through the ecological recovery process acquire new life and once reintroduced in the production cycle, their duration is extended over time, reducing waste and generating further value. The barrel’s recovery process, or rather the raw material recovery chain, stands out for being eco-sustainable and green: the barrels are washed with rainwater and the detergents used descend from ash. The ash lye and the ash paste used for the process are certified bio-detergents, absolutely natural and are precious allies in protecting the environment. The design is conceived by eliminating any reference to the original shape of the barrel: the patina of the past time and the materiality of the work remain on the objects, where the aesthetic balance form-function makes the object capable of telling a story that is always different through shades, imperfections, color combinations and surface textures. The sheets we use come from the barrels of the most important petrochemical brands such as Texaco, Petronas, Agip, Total, Tamoil, Shell, Elf, Motul…. where the bright colors and the unique serigraphs offer a multitude of color combinations. At the same time, these brands refer to a shared dreamlike vision about racing, speed and adrenaline. So VAD products tell a story that begins with the asphalt and the roar of the engines and that meets the checkered flag in the sense of freedom and uniqueness that characterizes it. Each product is unique, numbered and completely Made in Italy and it can be replicated in a similar but never perfectly identical way, both for material and manufacturing reasons. They call us "Daft Punk of Design"!

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