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Porsche 930 Engine - Cam / Chain Covers Refurbishment
GBP £99.00
Vapor Blast only:
Highlighted Lettering/Edges:

Porsche Air cooled 6 Cylinder Cam Cover Refurbishment / Customisation

One of the easiest and most rewarding ways to give your engine and engine bay a pick me up, is by treating it to some added newness. At DSE we can rejuvenate Cam/rocker covers and other ancillary panels by our multi stage refinishing process.

Once you have sent (or dropped off) your covers to us at our Warwickshire base, we will completely clean and degrease the parts, removing all traces of old gaskets, sealants and dirt deposits.

Then we can assess them for any potential damage that may need addressing prior to refinishing. This can be things such as chips, cracks or tool damage (rectifying damage is quoted and charged in addition) that may deem them unsuitable to continue. In addition, if there is any heavy paint or other finishes that need mechanical or chemical removal prior to the next step.

Once we are happy the condition is suitable, we will proceed to Vapor Blasting. This process brings aluminium back to, as close as is possible, its original finish. It will not damage, dent or remove any material (unlike sand/media blasting) and is completely safe for even the most precious parts. It will not remove heavy paint, gasket material, silicone or other coatings

For some projects this finish alone is enough and we can return the lightly oiled (to prevent any corrosion) parts back to you looking like new.

The next potential stage is powder coating or polishing, we stock several powder coat colours and finishes. Our go to option and personal favourite is black crackle, although we can cater to any colour and finish you require as long as a manufacturer somewhere in the world makes it (if we do not stock your required options there will be a small stocking surcharge). If you would prefer a shinier finish we can polish most aluminium alloys to a high shine, although results do vary depending on the original casting quality and alloy of the supplied parts. We remind you that any polishing, by its very nature, is removing material from your part so should be taken into account when making your choice.

Once coated, for that added extra touch and customisation we can pick out and polish any lettering or lines (raised points only) and/or paint fill any low points in a contrasting colour of your choosing.

Once complete we quality check every part and if we are not happy, we will start any stage again until your part is done to our exacting standards. Then once your part is complete it is ready for collection or shipping back to you by your chosen method.

WEIGHT (KG): 2.00
Lead-time (Days): 6-10 Days
Returns Allowed: No - Items are made to order

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