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Ferrari - Buttons & Switches Soft-Touch Finish Renovation
GBP £99.00

We'll take your sticky and damaged Ferrari buttons and switches and make them look like new again!

Customers provide their original buttons or switches.
These buttons will be dismantled, stripped, resprayed and graphics reapplied by laser etching.
The buttons will then be painted with a HARD 2K Matt lacquer which gives a real soft feel effect.
The supplied plastic buttons must not be cracked or broken.
If buttons are broken or cracked, we can repair these but extra costs will be accrued.

Please note, the buttons are sprayed with a special matt paint that exactly replicates the soft-touch look and finish, but are NOT sprayed with the OEM 'soft-touch' lacquer that degrades and become sticky over time. We can spray your parts with the 'Soft touch' lacquer but it is not advised and will be at an extra cost. ALL soft touch lacquers eventually degrade, specifically if cleaned with certain chemicals, this is why we do not choose to finish them like this and instead created a matt bespoke paint finish that looks identical to soft touch and is far more durable.

Lead-time (Days): 11-20 Days
Returns Allowed: Yes - Standard policy applies

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